Traffic Control Solutions

Global Sourcing Services (GSS) can source and manufacture a variety of traffic control products and accessories. We can source and manufacture products to suit your specific requirements and applications – simply tell us what you need!

Product Examples


Civil, Construction & Mining Traffic Control

Car Park Traffic Control Solutions

Regular Traffic Control Solutions

  •   Electronic Signs
  •   T-Top Bollards
  •   Flexible Bollards
  •   Traffic Cones
  •   Reflective Barriers
  •   Orange Safety Mesh
  •   Plastic Fence Barriers
  •   Barrier Boards
  •   Water Filled Barriers
  •   Reflective Waring Tape
  •   Barricade Lights
  •   Temporary Fencing
  •   Car Park Guidance
  •   Rubber/Steel Speed Humps
  •   Rubber/Plastic Wheel Stops
  •   Warning & Speed Signs
  •   Corner Wall/Post Guard
  •   Reflective Barriers
  •   Cable Protectors
  •   Hose Ramp
  •   Plastic safety Fence
  •   Plastic Bollards


  •   Electronic Signs
  •   Steel/Plastic Signs
  •   Reflective Road Markers
  •   Speed Humps
  •   Wheel Stops
  •   Steel & Plastic Bollards
  •   Fixable Traffic Cones
  •   Fixable Barriers
  •   Steel Highway Barrier
  •   Steel Rope
  •   Bicycle Racks/Parking


Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you!