Packaging Solutions

Global Sourcing Services (GSS) offer packaging and product display solutions for a variety of industries and applications. GSS can source products available in the current market or manufacture these according to your specific product and specifications.

Product Examples 


Industrial & Agriculture Packaging

Removalist Packaging Solutions

Retail Packaging   Solutions 

  •   Cardboard boxes
  •   Moving blankets
  •   Foams
  •   Steel & Plastic Pallets
  •   Heavy duty ratchet straps
  •   Metal & Plastic straps
  •   Plastic Crates
  •   Fruit trays, punnets etc.
  •   Seals
  •  Cardboard Boxes
  •  Moving blankets
  •  Steel & plastic pallets
  •  Plastic Crates
  •  Rope, Straps, Tape
  •  Seals
  •  Moving Trolleys
  •  Packing Film
  •   Printed Packaging
  •   Cardboard Packaging
  •   Plastic Packaging
  •   Styrofoam Packaging
  •   Bags
  •   Eco friendly packaging
  •   Shelving
  •   Seals


Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you!