Moulding & Forming

Global Sourcing Services (GSS) offer rubber and silicone injection moulding, transfer moulding and compression moulding services. GSS can work with a variety of materials and compounds according to your specific product design and requirements.

Depending on the type of products you would like to manufacture, GSS can provide feedback on the most efficient way to produce the part based on factors such as expected annual quantities, compound materials, and design tolerances etc.

GSS can also offer secondary operations such as further fabrication, slitting/cutting and bonding.

Rubber & Flex PVC Moulding


Silicon Moulding


Product Examples

  Product Examples   Industries
  •   Flexible Pipe Fittings
  •   Seals &  O-rings
  •   Washers & Gaskets
  •   Plugs & Stopers
  •   Wheel Chocks
  •   Rubber Speed hump & Wheel Stops
  •   Handles Grips/Covers
  •   Rubber Extrusions
  •   Mining, Oil & Gas
  •   Shop Fitting
  •   Construction & Building
  •   Automotive
  •   Food Processing
  •   Furniture
  •   Marine
  •   Electronics

Injection Moulding

When quantities are high and precision is critical, Injection moulding is the most cost effective method of producing a product or component. Tooling for injection moulding is generally more expensive than the other moulding methods, however this is paid off with the high volumes of products produced very efficiently.

Transfer Moulding

Transfer moulding is generally used to produce high precision parts in medium to high quantities. The main benefits of transfer moulding is the high precision achievable and low tooling costs.

Compression Moulding

Compression moulding is a relatively simple manufacturing process generally used to produce low quantities of product or components. During compression moulding, a piece of rubber is placed between the two halves of a heated mould. The mould is then closed under pressure and the rubber is formed in the shape of the mould.


Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you!

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