Plastic Vacuum & Pressure Forming

Global Sourcing Services (GSS) offer Thermoforming manufacturing services including vacuum forming and pressure forming. GSS can manufacture a variety of products in a variety of materials depending on your application and requirements.

Product Examples 


  Product Examples   Industry Examples
  •   Fruit Trays & Inserts
  •   Product Packaging
  •   Food Packaging
  •   Household goods


  •    Agriculture
  •    Commercial/Retail
  •    Electronics
  •    Automotive

Thermoforming Process

Thermoforming is a plastic production process in which thermoplastic sheet is heated and formed/stretched into a specific shape with the use of a mould. Thermoforming is a very cost efficient method of manufacturing due to the lower tooling set-up costs and production costs in comparison to other plastic moulding methods.

Vacuum Forming Process

Vacuum forming is a moulding process that involves heating sheet plastic to form it into a three dimensional shape. The process begins with the heating of a thermoplastic sheet and as the plastic gets heated it begins to sag. A tool is then pushed into the plastic creating and forming a finished product. The tool can with be male or female and a vacuum is used to suck the trapped air compressing the plastic onto the tool.

Pressure Forming Process

The pressure thermoforming process uses compressed air to push the back of a heated plastic sheet against the mould.  This produces a three dimensional shape in design of the mould. Pressure forming can produce single wall parts as well as twin wall parts bonded together.


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