Plastic Machining

Global Sourcing Services (GSS) offer plastic machining for a variety of industries and applications. GSS can manufacture a variety of products and components as per your specific requirements based on drawings or physical samples. We can work with a variety of materials and offer a number of machining services including CNC machining, CNC milling, Drilling, Routing or Laser Cutting.

Product Examples 


Product Examples Industry Examples
  •   Bushings
  •   Washers
  •   Collars
  •   Seals
  •   Wear Rings
  •   Rollers
  •   Gears
  •   Construction
  •   Mining, Oil, Gas
  •   Agriculture
  •   Electronics
  •   Medical
  •   Transport
  •   Packaging
  •   Architecture
  •   Defence


Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you!