Plastic Extrusion

Global Sourcing Services (GSS) can offer plastic extrusion services for a number of products and any Industry. Plastic extrusion is a very common method of manufacture for producing high volumes of continuous single profile. GSS can source any standard extruded profiled products as well as produce tooling and manufacture almost any profile according to your specific design requirements.

Product Examples


  • Hollow Profiles (Hoses, Tube, Pipe, etc.)
  • Building & Construction (Trimmings, Seals, Channels, Edging, etc.)
  • Mining (Conveyor Belt Accessories, Machinery Parts, etc.)

Tooling Process

If there is an extruded profile that is not available in the market, GSS can create a die to product your specific product. Based on your specific product requirements such as profile design, size and quantity required, GSS can create tooling accordingly to ensure the profile is manufacture to meet tolerances.

Manufacturing Process

The extrusion process begins with gravity feeding the raw plastic material, generally in the form of granules/pellets, into the hopper mounted on top of the extruding machine. Depending on the material and use of the profile, GSS can adjust the material to meet your requirements, some  of which may be UV stabilisation, colours as well as hardness and flexibility.

Once this material has been pushed up the barrel and is melted to the desired temperature for the specific polymer it is pushed through a screen to remove any contaminants. The molten plastic then enters the die which gives the molten material is shape as it flows through the profile.

The product must now be cooled and this is generally achieved by pulling the extruded material through water.

Secondary Operations

GSS can offer secondary operations for your products including further machining, cutting or assembly as required.


Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you!