Welding & Fabrication

Welding & fabrication are core services that Global Sourcing Services (GSS) offer its clients. GSS offer Arc, MIG and TIG welding in a variety of materials as well as a number of metal fabricating services designed to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your fabrication needs. Some of the services GSS offer include stamping & punching, laser cutting, bending/folding, forming, machining, and forging for virtually any application.


Included in our fabrication services are a number of secondary finishing operations. Some of these  may include but are not limited to sand blasting, powder coating, painting, electro galvanizing, hot dipped galvanizing, chrome plating through to final product assembly and packaging.


GSS are capable of fabricating high quality products in accordance with detailed design drawings or based on physical samples.

GSS will provide pre production samples of products before moving forward to mass production allowing you to see exactly what product you will receive once the shipment arrives. Given the sample is acceptable, this will be used as the bench mark for our factories to ensure high quality products are produced consistently in each order.

GSS strive to meet all of our customers specific product requirements while saving them the time,  risk and stress involved with manufacturing high quality products offshore at very competitive prices.

GSS generally save customers between 20-80% on fabricated products and components!

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