Laser, Plasma & Flame Cutting

GSS offers its customers laser & plasma cutting services for basic products to very intricate engineered components. When quantities are not high enough to use alternate methods of manufacture, laser/plasma cutting is an ideal method. We can cut virtually any design requested in a variety of materials and thicknesses according to your specific product requirements and tolerances.

Depending on the type of materials, GSS offers a number of secondary operations and finishes for products. These secondary operating may include welding & fabrication, bending & folding, machining or product finishing and packaging. Some product finishes include sand blasting, powder coating, hot dipped galvanising, electro galvanising (zinc plating), chrome plating, painting, final assembly and packaging.



  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment Components
  • Industrial Hardware Components
  • Surrounds & Covers
  • Frames, Structures & Enclosures
  • Mining, Oil & Gas Industrial Components
  • Architectural Components
  • Medical Equipment & Components
  • Agricultural Components
  • Automotive Components
  • Electrical Components


Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you!