Global Sourcing Services (GSS) offer both sand casting and die casting services to its customers. GSS can cast a variety of products in a number of materials to suit your specific product requirements and applications.

Product Examples 


Product Examples:

  • Mining Machinery Parts & Consumables
  • Mountings, Blocks, Housings
  • Automotive Components
  • Water Pump Fittings & Parts
  • Electrical Components
  • Wire Rope Grips & Other Hardware


Sand casting is the most common and cost effective method of metal casting. It is a relatively cheap but labour intensive method of manufacture whereby the mould is created by compacting sand and forming a cavity or pattern.

With a very low tooling investment and quick set-up time small production runs are generally possible.

GSS has access to foundries that can produce high quality sand cast products. Within our casting service we offer a number of secondary operations to complete your product to required finish. Some of these may include further machining, galvanising, plating, painting/coating or final assembly.


Die casting is a much more expensive form of casting due to the die tooling which needs to be created. This tooling is generally created from hardened tool steel as it must withstand high pressure and temperatures. GSS can have all required dies created and will manager the die throughout the life of the project/s.

Die casting becomes more feasible when production runs are long and the initial set-up costs can be spread over the high quantities of product produced.

Depending on use of the product, die casting has a much smoother finish than sand casting due to the high fluidity of molten materials and a customized die.


Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you!