Industrial Upholstery

Global Sourcing Services (GSS) offer industrial foam, vinyl & canvas fabrication services. GSS can fabricate high quality products to suit your industrial requirements and specifications. We can fabricate products according to your samples or drawings and can provide pre-production samples of your product so you can check the quality before placing an order.

Product Examples

PVC Tarpaulin & Canvas Products Foam Products
  •   Tarps, Covers, Canopies
  •   Truck & Trailer Sides
  •   Hoop Tarps, Roll tarps
  •   Flexible Water Tanks
  •   Agriculture Products
  •   Marquees, Sails, Tents
  •   Marine Products (Seat covers or upholstery)
  •   Vehicle/Transport Accessories
  •   Printed PVC Signs/Banners
  •   Any Custom Products
  •   Foam Packaging & box Inserts
  •   Healthcare Products & Accessories
  •   Fitness Products
  •   House Hold Products
  •   Industrial Upholstery
  •   Construction & Insulation Foams
  •   Foam Extrusion & Seals
  •   Foam Sheet/Panels
  •   Customized Products



Material Examples

Tarpaulin & Canvas Materials Foams Materials
  •   PVC Knife Coated Tarpaulin
  •   Fire Resistant PVC Tarpaulin
  •   Laminated Tarpaulin
  •   Reinforced Tarpaulin
  •   PVC Coated Tarpaulin
  •   Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas
  •   Waterproof Cotton Canvas
  •   Oil Wax Canvas
  •  Open Cell Polyurethane Foam (PU foam)
  •  Closed Cell Foam
  •  Filter Foam
  •  Polyester Foam
  •  Polyether Foam
  •  Memory Foam
  •  Fire Resistant Foam




Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you! 

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